Thu14 October 2021 - Thu 14 October 2021

Interreg Online Sessions of Land Salzburg (in German): „Interreg zum (besser) Kennenlernen“


The Land of Salzburg (Austria) is hosting three online sessions about Interreg (in German).

The online session on 14th October 2021, 10.00 - 11.30 am, will provide essential information about Interreg.

For registration please send an e-mail to

- What is Interreg?
- When is Interreg the appropriate instrument?
- In which Interreg programmes participates Salzburg?
- What is the difference between a cross-border and a transnational programme?
- Tips for finding a project partner
- How do I get from an idea to a suitable project?
- Which impact can cooperations provide for Salzburg?
- Report by Bgm. Erich Czerny, Municipality of Krimml
- Report by Ursula Hemetsberger, Office of the Salzburg Provincial Government, Department of Public Transport and Transport Planning (6/12)
- Contact persons in Salzburg for Interreg projects
- Exchange and discussion