• Dream: Revitalizing the cotton spinning and weaving mill of TRŽIČ

    In the Alps, like elsewhere, the decline of the traditional heavy and manufacturing industry has left behind impressive once-productive landscapes. These abandoned complexes can be revived and devoted to new purposes.

  • We are looking for external support to develop the digital communication for 2021-2027!

    Invitation to submit an offer: The Interreg Alpine Space programme is looking for an external support to develop its digital communication for the period 2021-2027. The deadline for submission of offers is 10 March 2021, 1pm.

  • Dream: seeing Alpine citizens bike more and drive less

    In the Alps, people often move by private car while ignoring more sustainable means of transport. SaMBa explores new ways of leveraging rewards and pricing to trigger change in mobility behaviour.

  • trAILS symposium: transforming the Alpine Industrial Landscapes

    On 1-2 March 2021, an online symposium marks the end of the 3-year trAILs Interreg research project on the transformation of industrial brownfields in the Alps.

  • Dream: relaunching my company by developing a new product

    Mature small companies often find it hard to open new development paths. BE-READI ALPS business support organisations guide them to seize relaunch opportunities and reach new promising markets.